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Archived Meeting Notes

The main speaker was Simon Francis from Nuffield Health who spoke about living a healthier, fitter and longer life.

This was our first meeting in the Town Hall and consisted of a quiz evening organised by Paul Mansell.

A talk on hand hygiene by Rachel Mansell, infection prevention nurse, Nuffield Health.

This was the first Zoom meeting and was used as an experiment to see if zoom would work for TAPS. It was considered acceptable to those who could access the Internet.

Sophie Smith, a Specialist Nurse from PCUK gave a Zoom talk on erectile disfunction, incontinence and sexual performance.

Di Chorlton, McMillan Engagement Lead for Devon, Cornwall and IoS gave a Zoom talk on McMillan Cancer Services activities and anxiety management.

Andrew Gabriel, a member of the Reading Prostate Support group gave a Zoom talk on "Living with, and surviving hormone therapy".

A talk on Estate Planning by Robert Butler, a solicitor and partner at Guard & Co Solicitors, Plymouth.

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